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Product Information

  • Excellent pricing alternatives
  • High level of protection against freezing, corrosion and cavitation
  • Prevents deposits and foam generation
  • User-friendly packaging design

Vehicle repair. We have everything you need.

In the combustion engine, the majority of the energy contained in the fuel is converted into heat. In order to ensure that the engine does not overheat and cause serious damages to the mechanics, the heat it must be effectively drawn off by the engine cooling system and distributed to the environment. Part of the heat transported by the cooling system is used to raise the temperature inside the vehicle if required.

A perfectly functioning cooling system is a primary prerequisite for optimum operation of the engine. The right anti-freeze agent makes a key contribution towards the reliable functioning of the engine cooling system under all operating and weather conditions. Cooler anti-freeze agents from febi are precisely matched to the special requirements of the vehicle manufacturer and offer reliable protection from damages caused by freezing, corrosion and cavitation.

Ready for Immediate Use

The product is a so-called Ready Mix. The silicate-containing coolant already has an optimal mixing ratio of 60 % water and 40 % antifreeze. This guarantees frost protection all the way down to -30 °C.

The coolant protects engines against frost, foam formation, cavitation, and overheating. It also reliably prevents the buildup of debris in all components of the cooling system.

Particularly on long journeys, where coolant levels drop, it is often refilled using only water or antifreeze. This causes the boiling point or freezing point to shift. In order to prevent subsequent damage caused by extreme temperatures, a Ready Mix is the perfect refill product for on the go.

Note: Ready-Mix products should not be diluted with water.

Optimum packaging design

febi anti-freeze agents are excellent alternatives when it comes to price. This is demonstrated not just by the quality, and in many instances the febi exceeds the requirements of the vehicle manufacturer, but also by the user-friendly packaging design.

The clear labelling of the products using colour coding makes assignment easy. The special recessed grips on the recyclable, spill-safe PE plastic bottles makes filling much easier. Viewing strips also convey information about the current filling level.

Safety Data Sheets OE-Comparison
Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Dacia 77 11 428 133 S1 | 77 00 001 144 | 77 11 001 142 | 77 11 171 589 | 77 11 171 589 S1
Renault 77 11 428 133 S1 | 77 11 170 546 | NYA | 77 00 001 144 | 77 11 001 142 | 77 11 171 589 | 77 11 171 589 S1
General Service Number
suitable for General Service Number
ID Glaceol RX type D, GM 1825M, GM 1899M, Renault Typ D, SAE J1034
Used In Vehicles