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Fuels can contain impurities such as dirt particles. If these substances get into the engine, they can damage the injection system or the carburetor, for example, by clogging nozzles.

To ensure that the fuel is clean at all times, all combustion engines are equipped with a fuel filter. It ensures that the fuel remains free of impurities and thus prevents damage.

febi offers a comprehensive range of fuel filters in OE matching quality. The best possible filtration performance guarantees optimal engine running at all times.

Meeting the Highest Demands

Modern fuel filters must meet the highest requirements: they must be resistant to modern fuels (e.g. with a high ethanol or bio-diesel content) while at the same time they must ensure consistently high flow rates and filter performance over a wide range of temperatures (between -40°C and 100°C).

Regular filter changes ensure the performance of the engine. A quality filter must have the capacity and efficiency to reliably protect the engine from contamination between today's usual maintenance intervals.

Maintenance Packages: Service Solutions for Professionals

In addition to individual components for professional vehicle inspection, febi also offers complete maintenance packages. With the exception of liquids, these include all relevant components.

In addition to the fuel filter, these include air, oil, and cabin air filters. The oil drain plug, and all necessary sealing rings, are also included in febi's maintenance packages.

Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Renault 77 01 062 104 | 82 00 400 418
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