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  • High wear protection
  • Accuracy of fit
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

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In the combustion engine, a large part of the energy contained in the fuel is converted into heat. To prevent the engine from overheating and causing serious damage to the mechanics, the engine cooling system must effectively dissipate this heat into the environment. Part of the heat transported by the cooling system is used to raise the temperature inside the vehicle as required.

The task of the water pump is to drive the coolant and to ensure the circulation required for heat exchange. febi offers a wide range of high-quality water pumps, most of which contain the required seals.

Quality by Conviction

In order to reliably ensure the circulation of the coolant over a long period of time, water pumps must be robust and durable.

All water pumps supplied by febi are intensively tested for various requirements and loads by our quality management. These include accuracy of fit, dimensional accuracy, material quality, tensile strength, and degrees of hardness.

Everything for Professional Repair

When replacing the water pump, the surrounding components should also be checked for wear. This applies in particular to the timing belt which drives the water pump and is susceptible to deformation and hardening as the service life increases.

febi also offers complete timing belt kits which contain all the individual parts, including idler and tensioner pulleys, required for professional timing belt replacement.

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