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Product Information

  • High protection against corrosion
  • Accuracy of fit
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle Repairs. We've Got What it Takes.

Depending on the vehicle manufacturer, different types of wheel fastenings are used. Wheels, or rims, are connected to the wheel hub either by wheel studs or wheel nuts. Wheel nuts are fastened to wheel studs which are pressed into the wheel hub.

Wheel fastening components are subject to special care in design, manufacturing, and assembly. This is why febi only offers wheel bolts, wheel nuts, and wheel studs in OE matching quality in its range which are characterized by the correct dimensions and excellent assembly properties.

The entire range of wheel fasteners meets the highest demands in terms of performance and durability. Whether aluminium or steel rims, whether anti-theft or particularly corrosion-resistant, febi always offers the right wheel fastening.

Quality by Conviction

In the case of wheel fastening components, wear and tear occurs again and again, e.g. corrosion or groove formation at the contact points. It is therefore imperative to check the condition of the wheel fastening when changing the wheel and to replace it if necessary.

febi's quality management tests the offered wheel fastening components for various requirements and loads. These include fitting accuracy, dimensional accuracy, material quality as well as tensile and compressive strength. In this way, febi makes an active contribution to road safety.

Playing it Safe

It happens again and again that tyres or rims of parked cars are dismantled and stolen. In order to make work considerably more difficult for thieves, febi has lockable wheel bolt kits in its range.

The wheel bolts can only be tightened and loosened with a special tool. This is a clear plus for safety.

Technical information OE-Comparison
Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Citroën 5405.81
Daihatsu 90942-01007
Hyundai 52951-11210 | 52950-11210 | 52951-11220
KIA 52951-11210
Lexus 90942-01007
Mazda 0603-26-161A | 0603-26-161 | 0603-26-161X
Mitsubishi MR297927 | 3880A007 | HB719000 | MA103087 | MB149970
Peugeot 5405.81
Scion 90942-01007 | 9008017005 | 9008017035
Smart 454 402 00 72 | 454 402 03 72
Toyota 90942-01007 | 90080-17005 | 90080-17035
Volvo 30873148 | 30870000
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