Product Information

  • High durability and resilience
  • Optimal fitting accuracy for easier repairs
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle Repairs. We've Got What it Takes.

The drive train transmits the power of the engine to the wheels setting every vehicle in motion. Numerous components work together for this central and complex task. To ensure that they all harmonize perfectly, only high-quality parts should be used.

febi's range only includes drive articles in OE matching quality. The extensive range extends from the drive shaft and complete CV joint kits through wheel bearings and wheel hubs to flexible discs and CV boots.

Quality by Conviction

In order to ensure absolutely reliable absorption of the radial and axial forces that occur during acceleration, braking, and cornering, wheel hubs from febi are intensively tested.

Our quality management tests the wheel hubs offered for various requirements and loads. These include fitting accuracy, dimensional accuracy, material quality, tensile strength, and hardness.

The optimal material composition of the wheel hubs ensures that the hardened steel components remain robust while still meeting the highest standards of driving safety and comfort.

Comprehensive Range

In everyday workshop life, it is not uncommon for a wear part to have to be replaced as well as its attachment material. However, these additional parts - usually screws, axle nuts or locking rings - are often not included with the individually available replacement part.

febi offers complete wheel hub repair kits. To ensure that the necessary repairs can be carried out without delay, the wheel hubs are supplied with wheel bearings and ABS sensor ring.

Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Hyundai 51750-25001 | 51750-25000
KIA 51750-25001 | 51750-25000
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