Product Information

  • Balance of performance, driving comfort, and longevity
  • Comfort: No brake rubbing, no vibration
  • Safety: Optimal braking performance, short braking distances
  • Low noise: State-of-the-art methods of noise reduction

Vehicle Repairs. We've Got What it Takes.

When braking, every centimetre counts in an emergency. You can therefore rely on quality replacement parts from febi. The wide range of brake technology products ranges from brake pads and brake hoses to brake discs and wheel cylinders. Safety is always top priority!

The febi range also includes numerous brake pad kits which are offered with complete accessories (e.g. bolts, shims, sensors). The repair can therefore be carried out quickly and without additional procurement costs.

More Safety, More Comfort

Select brake pads from febi do not have to be retracted or "braked in" first. "Scorching" ensures immediate braking performance during manufacturing.

In this process, the surface of the brake pads is heated under high pressure to 650˚ C in order to remove uncured components (residual gases). Without scorching, there is a risk that the brake pads will overheat under heavy loads and lose their braking effect.

Safety through Certification

To ensure consistent quality, all febi brake pads are certified according to ECE R-90. Brake pads are safety-relevant wear parts. For this reason, febi tests every single article according to strict test specifications.

ECE R-90 is a procedure prescribed in the EU where the brake performance of brake pads is tested. This creates confidence and makes it easy to identify inferior, cheap imports.

Precise Production for High Driving Comfort

The material quality of all components is decisive for the safe functioning of the brake system. Brake pads must be uncompromisingly safe and durable in order to guarantee a 100% braking effect under all driving conditions.

Brake pads from febi are precisely manufactured. Compliance with production tolerances is a matter of routine during production. This is the only way to guarantee an optimal braking effect. The friction material of the brake pads is designed to balance performance, driving comfort, and durability.

Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Alfa Romeo 77365357 | 71770092
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