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  • Absolute accuracy of fit and stability
  • Best possible separation and adsorption values
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

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Every combustion engine is equipped with an air filter. Its task is to remove particles from the intake air before they enter the engine. The size of the particles in the intake air varies from visible granules to microscopically small soot particles.

febi offers a comprehensive range of air filters in OE matching quality. The best possible filtration performance, i.e. the separation of large and small particles, as well as a high dust holding capacity, ensures optimal engine running in the various load ranges.

A Contribution to the Longevity of the Engine

On average, around 10,000 litres of air flows through the air filter per every one litre of fuel that is burned. The air also includes sand and dust particles, soot particles, and abrasion from tyres and brakes, all of which needs to be filtered before reaching vital engine components. Insufficient filtration of the intake air can cause particles to enter the combustion area of the engine. The result is increased wear on pistons, piston rings, cylinder walls, and valves.

Some suppliers save on the layer thickness of the filter material in order to be able to offer the air filter for cheaper, except this method can let significantly more particles into the engine. When purchasing an air filter, it is therefore always worth paying attention to quality.

Maintenance Packages: Service Solutions for Professionals

In addition to individual components for professional vehicle inspection, febi also offers complete maintenance packages. With the exception of liquids, these include all relevant components.

In addition to the air filter, these include oil, fuel, and cabin filters. The oil drain plug, and all necessary sealing rings, are also included in febi's maintenance packages.

Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Porsche 982 129 620 B
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