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Gas springs are used to ensure that the load compartment can be opened and closed safely and conveniently. To prevent the tailgate or boot lid from closing on its own, the gas spring must be precisely matched to its weight and position.

The slow escape of gas can cause the strut to lose tension over a long period of use. This not only makes it more difficult to open the boot, but it is also a safety-relevant factor as it must be ensured at all times that the tailgate or boot lid does not close on its own.

febi offers a comprehensive range of gas springs in the best possible quality. The exclusive cooperation with original equipment manufacturer STABILUS makes febi a premium supplier of gas springs in the Independent Aftermarket.

Quality by Conviction

The gas spring consists of a piston rod and a cylinder. When the tailgate is closed, the piston rod pushes into the cylinder - the gas there is compressed. When the tailgate is opened again, the gas expands and holds the tailgate up.

In order for gas springs to be fully functional, the gas inside the cylinders must not escape. In order to guarantee 100% tightness, febi gas springs are intensively tested. Our quality management tests the offered replacement parts for various requirements and loads. These include accuracy of fit, dimensional accuracy, material quality, tensile strength, and compressive strength.

Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
FIAT 46 826 216 | 51892592 | 518925920
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