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  • Robust construction for perfect function
  • Optimal fitting accuracy for easier repairs
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

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The mechanical synchronization of the camshaft is of the utmost importance for the operation of an internal combustion engine. With the introduction of basic engine management and transistorized ignition - improving reliability with the reduction of moving parts - more precise measurements were required and the development of solid state electronics were improved. This included the common use of camshaft sensors. These sensors measure the speed and position of the camshaft. Their signal is processed by the engine management ECU to improve the accuracy of the ignition and fuel timing.In the electronics and sensor technology sector, febi offers a growing range of replacement parts of OE matching quality.

Quality by Conviction

All camshaft sensors supplied by febi are intensively tested by our quality management. The quality control of electronic components is carried out with the aid of a high-resolution X-ray device which is used to check the integrity of the circuitry.

Precisely Fitting Production

Anyone who repairs their own car knows the problem: inexpensive replacement parts from the independent parts trade can deviate from the mould and can be difficult to install at the intended location.

febi makes all the difference: all replacement parts are manufactured precisely and it goes without saying that production tolerances are adhered to. This is the only way to guarantee an optimal fit.

Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Chrysler 68407876AA | 05175762AA | 05080346AA
Dodge 68407876AA | 05175762AA | 05080346AA
Jeep 68407876AA | 05175762AA | 05080346AA
Mercedes-Benz 005 153 13 28 | 003 153 97 28
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