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Product Information

  • High protection against freezing, corrosion, and cavitation
  • Excellent lubricating properties, high ageing resistance, and high wetting and adhesion properties
  • Prevention of deposits and foam formation
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle Repairs. We've Got What it Takes.

Only the right oil can guarantee continuous gear lubrication. Gear oils from febi are therefore precisely matched to the special requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

In addition to their favourable friction behaviour, febi gear oils offer optimal resistance to low temperatures and guarantee the best possible corrosion protection.

Quality by Conviction

Oils from febi are not universal products, but rather are tailored to the special requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

The gear oils offered consist of the most efficient base oils and modern additives. Thanks to their thermal stability, the oils are ideally resistant to ageing and provide maximum wear protection in all operating conditions.

Optimal Packaging Design

Gear oils from febi are an excellent choice. This is demonstrated not only by the quality - in many cases, febi transmission fluid even exceeds the requirements of vehicle manufacturers - but also by the user-friendly packaging design.

The clear labelling of the products through the use of color-coding makes their identification simple. Special recessed grips on the recyclable, leak-proof PE plastic bottles make filling noticeably easier. Viewing strips also provide information about the current filling level at all times.

Safety data sheets OE-Comparison
Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Audi G 060 162 A2 | G055162A2
BMW 83 22 2 289 720 | NYA | 81 22 2 152 426 | 83 22 2 152 426 | 83 22 2 305 397
Chrysler 68157995AA
Jaguar 02JDE 26444
Jeep NYA
Land Rover LR 023288
Volkswagen G 060 162 A2
General Service Number
suitable for General Service Number
ID ATF 3+, Jeep ATF LGF8, ZF Lifeguardfluid 8
Used In Vehicles