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Product Information

  • Rapid attainment of the glow temperature
  • Long service life
  • Accuracy of fit
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

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Diesel engines are self-igniting. The injected fuel ignites with high compression without requiring an ignition spark as is the case for gasoline engines. Nevertheless, glow plugs are used as electrical heating elements in the combustion chamber of diesel engines. There they ensure that the engine starts easily at extremely low temperatures while also assisting the engine during the warm up phase and during the regeneration process of DPF equipped vehicles. They play a vital role in vehicle emission reduction.

Glow plugs should be checked regularly to ensure that they function properly as a defect can cause not only starting difficulties and increased emissions, but also consequential damage. They are subject to special care in design, manufacturing, and assembly. This is why febi only offers glow plugs with OE matching quality.

Latest Developments

The service life of glow plugs can vary greatly depending on how they are used. Since they are particularly needed for the starting process and the warm-up phase of the engine, glow plugs in short-distance vehicles often fail more quickly than in cars used for long-distance journeys.

Glow plugs from febi are constantly being further developed and adapted to the latest engine generations in order to ensure optimal engine starting in all external weather conditions.

OE Matching Quality

Glow plugs from febi have two coils (for glowing and regulating) made of different materials. Their electrical resistance remains almost constant even with temperature fluctuations.

They are used for the combustion chamber pre-heating, post-heating, and are also used for the durability of easy starting and emission control.

febi only offers glow plugs that meet, or exceed, the approval requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

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