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Product Information

  • High-quality materials for absolute tightness
  • Optimal fitting accuracy for easier repairs
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle Repairs. We've Got What it Takes.

Small part with a big effect: the oil drain plug is located at the lowest point of the oil pan and closes the drain opening through which the used oil completely drains off during regular oil changes. To ensure tightness after the oil change, the sealing ring should be replaced each time the oil is changed. If the sealing ring is firmly connected to the drain plug, the complete drain plug must be replaced.

febi offers a wide range of oil drain plugs with and without the matching sealing ring in OE matching quality. Selected sealing rings are also available individually.

Quality by Conviction

All oil drain plugs supplied by febi are intensively tested by our quality management. The offered oil drain plugs are tested for various requirements and loads, e.g. fitting accuracy, dimensional accuracy, material quality, and tensile strength.

Precisely Fitting Production

Anyone who repairs their own car knows the problem: inexpensive replacement parts from the independent parts trade can deviate from the mould and can be difficult to install at the intended location.

febi makes all the difference: all replacement parts are manufactured precisely and it goes without saying that production tolerances are adhered to. This is the only way to guarantee an optimal fit.

Kit Content
description Number Characteristics
31117 Oil Drain Plug without seal ring 1
  • Fastening Type: Hexagonal
  • Length: 31 mm
  • Length under Head: 21 mm
  • Material: steel
  • Outside Thread: M18 x 1,5
  • Surface: galvanized
  • Thread Length: 14,5 mm
  • Wrench Size (metric): 13 mm
31118 Sealing Ring for oil drain plug 1
  • Height or Thickness: 2,5 mm
  • Inner Diameter: 18,5 mm
  • Outer Diameter: 26 mm
  • Surface: galvanized
Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Alfa Romeo 55196505 S1
Chevrolet 93183669 S1
Chrysler 55196505S1
FIAT 55196505 S1
Jeep 55196505
Lancia 55196505 S1
Opel 06 52 950 S1
Saab 93 183 669 S1
Vauxhall 93183669 S1
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