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  • Absolute accuracy of fit and stability
  • Best possible separation and adsorption values
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle Repairs. We've Got What it Takes.

Hydraulic fluid is used to transfer energy in the vehicle. A well-known example is power steering. Here, the oil is used to build up a pressure that significantly simplifies steering. High demands are placed on hydraulic fluids to ensure that hydraulic power is transmitted as loss-free as possible. The same applies to the hydraulic filter.

The filter removes dirt particles from the hydraulic fluid. This is an important task that protects the transmission from wear, contamination, and damage. High-quality hydraulic filters from febi are therefore precisely matched to the special requirements of vehicle manufacturers.

Quality by Conviction

Transmission oil filters are used to filter particles and abrasion from clutch plates and gears from the transmission oil. Regular oil and filter changes ensure the correct functioning of the automatic transmission and increase its service life. If the filter is clogged or defective, shifting problems, or even failure of the automatic transmission, may occur. For this reason, febi only offers hydraulic filters in OE matching quality in its range.

Maintenance Packages: Service Solutions for Professionals

In addition to individual components for professional vehicle inspection, febi also offers complete maintenance packages. With the exception of liquids, these include all relevant components.

The transmission oil filter set for automatic transmissions also includes hydraulic filters, seals, O-rings, and fastening screws.

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