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  • Robust construction for perfect function
  • Optimal fitting accuracy for easier repairs
  • Strict quality standards
  • Compliance with the requirements of vehicle manufacturers

Vehicle Repairs. We've Got What it Takes.

Belt drives have the task of transmitting and driving the rotary motion of the crankshaft to the engine control system or to the auxiliary units. Belt drive components are therefore required to deliver maximum performance in every vehicle.

The central component of the belt drive is the pulley. It transmits the torque generated by the engine to the belt. febi offers a comprehensive range of pulleys in OE matching quality.

Quality by Conviction

The two most common designs are vibration-damping pulleys and decoupled pulleys. It is important that the internal structure of the pulley is designed in accordance with the vibrations generated by the motor - this is the only way to compensate these and prevent the transmission of vibrations to the belt drive.

febi only supplies pulleys with the same technology of the vehicle manufacturer and the correct internal structure. Our quality management tests the pulleys offered for various requirements and loads, e.g. fitting accuracy, dimensional accuracy, material quality, and tensile strength.

Complete Repair Kits

In everyday workshop life, it is not uncommon for a worn part to have to be replaced as well as any fixings. However, these additional parts - usually bolts or nuts - are often not included with the individually available replacement part.

For certain vehicle types, febi offers pulleys with the necessary fastening material for professional replacement. This is intended for repairs at fair value without delay.

Kit Content
description Number Characteristics
108069 Belt Pulley for crankshaft 1
  • Inner Diameter: 32 mm
  • No. of Ribs: 6
  • Outer Diameter: 169 mm
  • Parameter: 7PK
  • Width: 82 mm
This article is not sold separately.
Bolt for belt pulley 1
  • Length: 61,3 mm
  • Length under Head: 50 mm
  • Outside Thread: M18 x 1,5
  • Surface: phosphated
  • Tensile Strength Grade: 8.8
  • Wrench Size (metric): 27 mm
This article is not sold separately.
Washer for belt pulley 1
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Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Mercedes-Benz 271 030 00 03 S1
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