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The timing chain is an integral part of the combustion engine. As a connecting element between crankshaft and camshaft, it ensures precise synchronization and often drives other components as well.

If the camshaft and crankshaft do not run synchronously, engine performance is greatly reduced and engine management errors occur. If the timing chain wears out heavily, it can skip or even break. This can result in major engine damage.

In order to guide the timing chain optimally, febi offers a wide range of slide rails for timing chains.

Quality by Conviction

Unlike a timing belt, a timing chain usually has no recommended maintenance intervals - it is designed for the entire service life of the motor. However, failure to comply with service intervals and the use of incorrect oils can greatly accelerate the wear of a timing chain and its associated components.

febi timing chain guide rails are manufactured according to the specifications and standards of the original equipment manufacturer to guarantee a perfect fit and a long service life.

Supplied Complete. Repaired Non-stop.

When replacing the timing chain, the surrounding components should also be checked for wear. This applies in particular to sprockets, slide rails, tension bars, and chain tensioners. In order for all these parts to work together perfectly, it is extremely important that they are manufactured precisely and with high-quality materials.

febi offers complete timing chain kits for certain vehicle types which contain all the individual parts required for professional replacement.

Available in Kit
Suitable for Manufacturer OE-Number
Audi 03C 109 509 P | 03C 109 509 K | 03C 109 509 L | 03C 109 509 M
Seat 03C 109 509 P | 03C 109 509 M
Škoda 03C 109 509 P | 03C 109 509 M
Volkswagen 03C 109 509 P | 03C 109 509 K | 03C 109 509 L | 03C 109 509 M
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